Why Diverse Leadership Matters

By McKenzie Schwark
Diversity in Leadership

By now you’ve certainly heard that hiring a diverse team is important. But having a diverse leadership team can be just as, if not more, important. Diverse leaders bring different perspectives, engage with new clients or new hires, and ensure your team is better equipped to meet a diverse range of employee or client needs. Here are some reasons why diversity in leadership matters.

1. A diverse leadership team offers a range of perspectives

Whether dealing with employees or clients, a diverse leadership team can bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences that better resonate with those you’re working with. As the market and candidate pools become increasingly diverse, capturing audiences and retaining top tier talent have become increasingly important. A diverse leadership team can offer insights into different demographics, find and retain new talent, and attract a more diverse roster of clients.

2. Diverse leadership styles help meet employee needs

A diverse team of leaders is likely to bring myriad backgrounds to the table, which often means differing styles of leadership. Sometimes this can be challenging to navigate, but with the right communication and goals in mind, differing leadership styles can better meet employee needs. You’re likely to work with a range of employees who learn, communicate, and work differently. Employees can be matched with or might naturally gravitate toward the leader whose style works best for them, making for a supportive and positive relationship.

3. Diversity means more creative solutions and better problem solving

Sometimes you need to attack a problem, whether with an employee or a client, from a different angle. A diverse team can help offer more creative solutions rather than the same old, same old you’re likely to get from a team whose backgrounds and styles mirror each other.

4. Different leaders can offer a sense of trust and safety for employees and clients

We know, especially when it comes to working directly with clients, trust is hugely important to a successful relationship. Let’s be honest, we all put more trust in people we know have lived through similar challenges as we have. Presenting employees and clients with a team that actually looks or lives like they do means they are likely to feel safer and more supported.

5. More engagement and fun!

A leadership team full of people who look and live similarly, who then hire people who look and live similarly, can create a sort of echo chamber in the office. A more diverse team means more engaging conversation, interesting perspectives, and new ideas from your team.

Diversity in leadership can make all the difference for both employees and clients, and a more diverse leadership team means better relationships – and better work – all around.