What to wear to FLOW: The Ladyboss Retreat

Don’t miss FLOW: The Ladyboss Retreat on March 3-5 at Grand View Lodge in Nisswa, MN! For more information and to register, please visit ladybossmidwest.com/retreat.


We want you to focus your energy and attention on the good stuff, not stressing about whether you brought enough socks. Here is a basic guide for what to pack for your weekend at the FLOW retreat!

Layering pieces

When you sit down for a session or presentation, feeling too hot or too cold can be a huge distraction. Bring some layering pieces, like a good cardigan or hoodie, that you can throw in your bag or tie around your waist and bring with you to different sessions. March can be chilly, so make sure you have enough warm items just in case!

Outdoor clothes

There will be plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the scenery at the Grand View Lodge! Our highly anticipated Forest Bathing session will take place, well, in the forest. So, make sure to bring some good clothes for exploring the great outdoors! Be sure to bring a good coat, hat, and gloves.

Casual Friday outfit

Friday will be a day filled with sessions and networking opportunities. You’ll want one outfit that lands somewhere between cabin-wear and business casual. Something you can be in all day, but you feel confident in!

Comfy yoga clothes & mat

There will be yoga and meditation sessions offered throughout the weekend. For these sessions, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible and dressed in something you can move comfortably in. Bring along your favorite yoga set or something you’d wear to the gym or spa! If you’ve got a yoga mat, please bring that as well.

Boots for outside

No matter your choice of housing, you’ll be taking a short walk to sessions. March in the Midwest usually means dealing with a little mud or late snow, so make sure you’ve got a pair of boots you can be outside in. The Grand View also sits on some gorgeous land that you’ll surely want to take advantage of!


On Saturday you’ll want to have something you can move around in. Some of the workshops on this day will include some movement, so you’ll want an outfit that leans closer to comfort than office attire. Pack a second lounging outfit you can wear around your room. If you want to take advantage of Grand View Lodge’s spa you’ll want something nice and comfy for that too!

Face mask

We’re closely following the CDC’s guidelines to inform our COVID-19 protocols and will have more information on specifics as we get closer to FLOW. Make sure to bring a mask especially for traveling to and from the site and interacting with the lodge’s staff or other guests.

This should be a good place to get started with packing. We can’t wait to see you at FLOW!


For more information on FLOW and to register, visit ladybossmidwest.com/retreat.