Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

By McKenzie Schwark
Features Writer

We all know Mondays are the worst, but what makes Sundays so… scary? We have some tips and tricks to use your Sundays better and set yourself up for a successful week.

1. Pick a different chore day

If you’re leaving all of your chores for Sunday, then no wonder you’re feeling dreadful! If you’re trying to fit vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, grocery shopping, running errands, and meal prepping all in just one day, you’ll likely burn yourself out. Try tackling certain chores throughout the week, or even moving your chore day to Saturday. That way you won’t feel like you’re closing out the weekend and starting a new week already stressed out. Leave chores that you enjoy for Sunday, or incorporate some “me time” into them. For example, vacuuming is a lot more interesting when you’re listening to a true crime podcast, and meal prepping is always better with a friend or family member helping keep you company!

2. Plan something fun

Saturdays get all the fun, but Sundays can be fun days too! It’s easy to crash by Sunday if all of your fun weekend activities are left for Saturday. Plan one fun thing that you can keep for Sundays. Maybe that’s grabbing coffee with a friend or seeing a new movie in theaters. When Sunday evening rolls around, you’ll be left with the warm feeling of having fun, rather than the onsetting dread of the coming Monday.

3. Stay out of your inbox

If you spend all day Sunday reading emails and checking your calendar, you’re likely to feel stressed and anxious about the week to come. Try a strict “no emails on Sunday” rule for a few weeks to challenge yourself to stay out of your inbox. This will help you savor your time outside of work and learn to set better boundaries. Whatever is in there can surely wait until Monday morning!

4. Take time to yourself

Sundays tend to be all about setting up for the week, and by Sunday evening you might be realizing you haven’t spent any time relaxing and recharging with just you. Set aside some time away from the kids, roommates, or even your dog to check in with yourself. Relax – like, really relax – and recharge. This might be the only moment you get to really be alone with yourself before a busy week, and taking the time now will help you keep going later.

5. Prepare for a good night’s sleep

Treat sleep like an intentional practice. Sundays can set the mood for the entire week ahead, so it’s important to prioritize getting a good night’s sleep. This is also one of the only days you might have where you can really focus and utilize the time before bed. Start a routine that you can customize throughout the week depending on how busy things get. For example, Sundays might afford you the time for a 10-step skincare routine, but by Wednesday maybe four of those steps are discarded for more sleep time. Or maybe there is an hour-long yoga class you like to do, but by the end of the week you just have energy for 20 minutes. Indulge yourself on Sundays since you have the time and energy. Focusing on a routine will also keep your mind from wandering to whatever is coming up on Monday. Your Sunday night before-bed routine should include whatever works best for you and helps you sleep better tonight, and for the rest of the week.

6. Journal about the upcoming week

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious about the week ahead, write it down! Journaling is a great practice to help get you out of your head. It can reduce stress and anxiety and help to straighten out your thoughts. By journaling about the upcoming week, you might figure out what is causing your Sunday scaries, and maybe focus on some of the positives in the week ahead instead.

Sundays don’t have to be scary! By incorporating more fun, a little “me time,” and using your day intentionally, you’re sure to set yourself up for a successful week ahead.