The Power of Women’s Votes

By now it’s quite clear that this election season is a big freaking deal, especially for women voters.

T’alyce Murray, Supermajority Regional Organizing Director for the Midwest, joined us to talk all about how Supermajority is getting women out and ready to vote. 

Supermajority was founded in order to make this simple fact known: women are the supermajority of this country, and their voices deserve to be heard. When we work together, the women of the country hold incredible power, and Supermajority is dedicated to harnessing that power and using it for necessary change.

“This is a moment unlike anything we’ve seen in history,” Murray says. “We’re seeing one in five women have participated in marches or rallies in the last four years. We are seeing women mobilize and gather together in ways we have not seen in the last decade.” Supermajority was founded in order to meet the needs of women interested in making their voices heard during political elections. 

The political power of women is constantly building throughout the United States. In 2020 alone, over five hundred women ran for congressional seats. 

From the school board to the  White House, women’s needs deserve to be met on every political level. Supermajority believes women deserve to live in a world where their bodies are safe from intimidation and violence, and they have full power to make the best decisions for themselves over every aspect of their lives, regardless of ethnicity or age. 

“These are the things that matter to women,” Murray says. “So, these are the things we want to be pushing forward and amplifying in our work.” 

Women are the supermajority of the United States, and although the issues that primarily face women aren’t always regarded as such, all issues facing human beings are human issues. Education, healthcare, and economics all affect women, and they participate in every industry and facet of this country. Communities thrive when women are supported and able to best take care of themselves. 

When asked what it is women need most right now, Murray says: “Women need to lean on each other, and take that collective power not only to the polling booth, but into the next four years.” 

One of the most impactful things women can do right now is get in contact with other women. Women have the potential to be a mighty force for change, but they need to know that and know how to utilize that power. Supermajority has a solution. They’ve set up virtual phone banking so that we can tell those women your vote matters and here is how to access it.

“Women are a formative and political force,” Murray says. “We have the power to elect new leadership at every level and decide this election. That is the power that we hold.” 

To get involved, visit Supermajority’s site.