Meet Our Team

Danyel Moe \\ Co-Founder of Ladyboss Midwest

Danyel Moe has a marketing mind with a passion for art, sustainability, ethics and women’s rights. Danyel has spent the start of her marketing career working in an agency setting, higher education, and corporate hospitality. She is now working as the Marketing Coordinator for Kilbourne Group in downtown Fargo.

Laura Caroon \\ Co-Founder of Ladyboss Midwest

Laura Caroon is a creative strategist, entrepreneur and artist with an insatiable desire to see women succeed. Like any true Minnesotan, Laura is a lake lover, and enjoys quiet time on the water reading or paddle boarding. Her favorite place to be is at home in Moorhead, laughing with her daughter and husband. With a background in startups and small business, she is always up for conversations about new ventures and entrepreneurship, especially over lattes.