Meet Mariah Prussia

It’s difficult to define Mariah Prussia, a woman who does a little of everything and who’s experienced it all. She’s had to fight her way through a lot of hardship. But she’s not a victim, she’s a “warrior of life,” and she’s fighting to help you become one too.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am an extremely driven woman who believes in empowering, educating and enhancing the lives of others.  My passion lies within the entire being, not just the physical mountain.  As a personal trainer, motivational speaker and self defense instructor, I feel it’s a necessity to help individuals dive into the emotional trenches, so they can heal from the past, and thrive in the present.

How did you get involved in your work?

I grew up on a farm, where all hands were on deck, which entailed feeding cattle, throwing hay-bales and playing sports during the school year.  My work ethic and athlete mentality carried with me as a tri-sport collegiate athlete, which led into my passion of coaching and training others.  Initially my goal was to pursue nursing, however; after my first year, I recognized that I wanted to have a proactive role in prevention, verses a reactive approach to health and wellness, hence leading me into my passion today.   

You are a business owner, professional fighter, personal trainer, published writer and radio show host. How do you balance having so many roles?

When it comes to balancing professional roles and family life with my two boys, I don’t believe we ever truly find balance. However, we find and make time for where our passions and purpose lie.  I would be lying to you and myself if I said, “I am never tired!”  The fact of the matter is my passion for people, life, and desire to tap into my full potential, is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing in regards to having the opportunity to empower those who I speak to, work with and have yet to meet; yet a curse due to the limited number of hours in a day, including time for sleep.  When you are driven, there are also sacrifices that come with the journey.  At the end of the day, my goal is to share and discover all of my potential, leaving all of my cards on the table.  I want to share my deck, not take it with me when it’s time for me to rest.  

The first phrase on your site says “Fighting isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.” How did you get to be so tough, and what is your personal fight right now?

The word tough itself has a variety of definitions and can pertain to multiple facets of life.  When I look at the word “tough” I instantly gravitate toward mental toughness. The strength of the mind is one of the most powerful tools, yet the most underutilized.  My fight and strength developed through a series of events, stemming from nearly losing every immediate member of my family in separate accidents, to overcoming sexual assault, an abusive relationship, and the daily grind of pounding the concrete professionally to put food on the table for my children.  One thing I will never be is a victim, I view my past experiences as essential pieces of my life puzzle to help me become a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental WARRIOR of life!  

Currently the personal fight that I am facing, is becoming the best human being possible by incorporating daily challenges to enhance my mind, body and spirit. 

And when the fight is over, or at least on pause, how do you unwind and take care of yourself?

When is the fight over…the fight is never over!  Defining the fight is referencing the chapter that we are currently working on.  Once we overcome the challenge or obstacle that we are facing, a new fight or chapter begins.  The goal is to continue the fight, so we can continue to grow!  During the fight, I find my peace, calm and sanity in focusing on the 5 mountains which are physical, emotional, mental, intuition and heart centered activities to keep me in check.  Those activities include: my daily workout regimen and training for my upcoming event, journaling, enhancing my knowledge through reading, providing reiki to clients and living a passionate life by giving to others. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve heard recently?

The best advice that I have heard lately that pertains to balance and being present in life is, human being versus human doing.  Sometimes in life we need to stop and smell the roses, instead of constantly being the gardener.

What do you think women need right now?

I feel women need HOPE, connection and the ability to be vulnerable around compassionate women.  Life is scary, and many of us have been burned by allowing others into our personal space.  What I can share with the Ladyboss Community is listen to your intuition, find your team and share your story.  We are more alike, then we are different.  Now, go out and DEFINE THE FIGHT…Hooyah!!!