Meet Mari Doffin

By McKenzie Schwark
Features Writer

Mari Doffin in one of her Joya by Hand designs.

Mari Doffin makes all of her clay jewelry by hand. She told us about how she started her jewelry making career and why she thinks women need to stop being compared to men.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I am a 23 year old jewelry maker. I was adopted from Nepal when I was 6 months old and I have been living in Duluth, Minnesota ever since. When I’m not making jewelry, I love traveling, dancing, and speaking Spanish.

How did you get involved in your work?

One of my friends posted a video of herself creating a pair of polymer clay earrings on social media. I thought that it looked fun, and so I went and bought my own clay. From there, I created my Joya by Hand Instagram page and the rest is history.

Where did you find inspiration for your art?

I get my inspiration from a variety of things in my life: nature in Duluth, buildings and scenery from my travels, colors and patterns that I find when I’m out and about, and people or movements that I believe in.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I look forward to making more connections this summer. The pandemic not only left me missing my loved ones, but it also made me miss making face to face business connections. I have already signed up for 8 markets in these upcoming months and I can’t wait to see my customers again!

What is your favorite form of self-care?

I like listening to podcasts while I take walks outside. I also like working out at the gym or taking hikes on the Superior Hiking Trail.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve heard recently?

“Do one thing today that will make future you proud.”
I really like this advice because it makes me put my time and efforts into perspective. I often feel overwhelmed by simple, daily tasks. This quote makes me stop and realize that small achievements create big waves.

What do you think women need right now?

I think that women need the space to just exist and thrive. Women are always compared to men, and I think it’s time that women are allowed to be proud of  their accomplishments without feeling like it’s a competition. Women make amazing things and do amazing things and that should be a reason to celebrate!!!