Meet Brittany Anton

Brittany Anton made quite the wardrobe change when she went from selling bridal gowns to t-shirts. Now she works with an entirely different clientele, but they haven’t stopped inspiring her, and even though she’s the boss, she’s still just a part of the team.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Originally from Detroit Lakes, I have lived in Fargo since 2003 when I moved here to attend college. In 2006 I realized that school wasn’t my path and dropped out to run my Mom’s bridal store with the hopes of partnering with her. By late 2009 I purchased the business from her and became my own Ladyboss. I, of course, had the best mentor. 

How did you get involved in your work?

From 2009 to 2019 I owned and operated Affairs by Brittany bridal store. We had locations in Detroit Lakes, Grand Forks and Fargo over the course of the time I owned the business. In 2019 I also purchased Shirts from Fargo to change things up a bit and put eggs in more than one basket. I fell in love with being able to reach and help people in new ways. This past Summer I sold Affairs by Brittany to a new Ladyboss who is rocking it. I wanted to be able to focus solely on my new venture and dive into my change of career path. 

What does it mean to be a Ladyboss?

To me, being Ladyboss just means getting it done. To be responsible and do the best you can to serve those in your area of work, whatever that might be. Working with and being a part of a team if there is one, not just the “boss”. 

Who inspires you?

Right now, I am inspired so much by those that I serve through our collections. We more or less give organizations and nonprofits a voice and means of fundraising without inventory or fulfillment burdens. We have a sustainable business model because we have the privilege of working for so many.  All of our partners do so much good. 

What is your favorite form of self-care?

My favorite form of self care is running. I enjoy it because it gives me time to think and a chance to socialize.

What do you think women need right now?

Right now, more than ever, women need community and each other. This year has been lonely and it’s always lonely “at the top.” Being a Ladyboss or leader in general is isolating, 2020 has made it even more so. People are social and need support from the community and those closest to them. Just be there for someone, you never know what they are going through. Maybe your simple smile or friendly conversation made their day.


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