Meet Bethany Berkeley

By McKenzie Schwark
Feature Writer

Bethany Berkeley is the proud owner of Dale Carnegie, a training program dedicated to improving businesses and individuals by looking within. She took a moment out of her busy schedule to chat with us about spending time alone, soul sisters, and the role of vulnerability in business.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” – Brené Brown

During my certification process with Dale Carnegie, a phenomenal master trainer related to Dale Carnegie called me out. She read me in seconds and said, “Why do you have a chip on your shoulder? We know you have earned your right to be here. You are clearly educated and talented. Why don’t YOU believe it?” Then I gave my ‘defining moment’ talk, a segment in one of our programs and she took a deeper dive. She pushed and challenged me to tell the REAL story and brought me back to the day I found out my father died. She expanded my comfort zone and ripped away my armor and ever since, I have worked diligently to remind myself of the power of vulnerability and owning my story.

So, who am I? I didn’t grow up with much and I experienced a series of hardships throughout my life. Every single one of those hardships seemed insurmountable at the time and yet, here I am. Every single one of those hardships defines me. 

I am the President of Dale Carnegie of ND & MN. I am a mom of two beautiful children. I fill my bucket with my career and team, my family, my soul sisters who challenge and coach me, and with service. 

I care deeply about living with purpose and leading with heart, and if an opportunity arises for me to challenge myself to become a better version of me, I take it. Sometimes to a fault. My Achilles heel is my greatest strength. 

How did you get involved in your work?

I took a risk to invite one of the most influential women I have ever met to coffee. She said yes. We talked and she made me feel like the most important person in the world and I was captivated. Her authenticity and charisma naturally flowed and when she asked me about joining the team at Dale Carnegie, it was an immediate yes! I had no idea exactly what I would be doing, but I was in and have been ever since. 

The two previous owners of Dale Carnegie, one of which I described above, demonstrated true mentorship. They recognized strengths in me I didn’t realize I had and they maximized my talents by taking risks that allowed me to thrive. I started as a consultant. I was elevated to leading Business Development for our territory. Now I am the owner and lead the business alongside remarkable people who are more talented and smarter than I am, like my right hand gal, Katie Munion, who leads training and quality for the business. 

With Dale Carnegie, I realized you can find a path that channels your talents, passions, and values. There is not a day that has passed when I questioned the value of what we do as a team and business.

What does it mean to be a Ladyboss?

It means we own our stories and worth. It means we push other women to realize their best selves, their most authentic kick-ass selves. It means we truly empower others and commit to a life of continuous improvement, self-reflection, and leading with heart. It means we don’t opt out of opportunity because of fear. It means we take risks to achieve our vision and allow others to do the same by remaining humble and recognizing when to step back for others to shine. It means we are the leaders we never had and we take every interaction seriously, knowing we can influence the course of someone’s life based on what we say, how we say it, and what we do. 

Who inspires you?

That is a BIG question. I am inspired by many. I am inspired by anyone who lives and leads with heart, integrity, authenticity, and walks the walk. I am inspired by those who take risks, who bet on themselves, and who take time to know themselves and to truly know others. I am inspired by people who prioritize people over profit. 

What is your favorite form of self-care?

Spending time alone without distraction or occupying myself with something. Actually, I hate doing that, just sitting with myself– but, it is the most beneficial form of self-care for me because it pushes me to own my own presence and find within myself what I shouldn’t rely on others to confirm and validate for me. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve heard recently?

During a connect a few months ago, a powerful woman took a risk to be vulnerable with me and as a result, I returned that vulnerability. That day, I was tired and not my best me. I was defeated. 

She shared some of her story with me and told me that I am the consistent factor in my life. She told me not to opt out of opportunity because I am overwhelmed and feeling doubt…she encouraged me to own my inner-warrior and if I did, I might perceive things differently. And she was right. 

What do you think women need right now?

To not compare, gossip, judge or compete with other women. Women need more women to authentically empower one another to open the door for the unexpected and remarkable. We need to ask for help when we need it without guilt and show up for others when they do, especially when they don’t express it and we have taken the time to know them well enough to be there in a way that matters. We need to unite in propelling more women forward to achieve their unique version of success, whatever it may be.