Meet Anna Bailey

By McKenzie Schwark
Feature Writer

Anna Bailey is one of the owners of Bailey Builds, a shop that repurposes old wood into magical, mosaic creations. She’s all about finding beauty in unexpected places, and sat down to talk with us all about family life, following an unexpected passion, and the importance of courage.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Anna and I am a wood mosaic artisan out of Duluth, MN. I am married to my very
‘punny’ husband, Nathanael. I am so lucky that he can work with me full time; he certainly
inserts a lot of humor into my day. I have four kids that keep me busy! Our oldest, Isaac, now
works with me full time after graduating from high school last year. Lincoln is a Senior, Sam is a
Sophomore and our daughter, Lia, is a Freshman. The real stars of the family are our dogs
Oakley (our aussiedoodle) and Albert (our big ‘ol Newfoundland). They spend lots of time in our
workshop with us and have quite a following on social media.

How did you get involved in your work?

I didn’t start off with the intention of being a wood artisan, the art sort of found me. I was a
teacher for many years before leaving the profession to pursue my passion for music. When that chapter came to a close, I started building furniture that I wanted for my house. I didn’t know what to do with the scrap pieces of wood so I started playing around with making wood mosaics. Never in a million years did I think wood art would be the medium for expressing so much of my heart and soul.

What does it mean to be a Ladyboss?

That is a good question! If I had to sum it all up in one word, I would say courage. Courage to
pursue a dream and passion. Courage to be flexible when it comes to how that passion plays
out. Courage to try new things and be vulnerable in the process. Courage to lead a team which
comes with a responsibility to stand my ground as well as embrace the ideas of my team. I am
learning every day what it means to be a Ladyboss!

Who inspires you?

This might sound a little cliché, but I would have to say Joanna Gaines. She wasn’t afraid to
pursue her passions and it has clearly worked out ok for her! She appears to maintain a good
balance between work and her family and has stayed true to herself throughout all of that.

What is your favorite form of self-care?

I absolutely love to be out on a boat in the middle of a lake fishing. I can just feel peace
wash all over me when I’m out in nature catching all the fish.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve heard recently?

Don’t hold on too tightly. I use this a lot when it comes to managing the expectations I
place on myself. I realize that “falling short” of my own expectations hurts only me. I
have to loosely hold on to those expectations to allow grace.

What do you think women need right now?

Chefs, housekeepers, drivers, nannies, personal assistants. We do a lot as women!