Little Ladyboss: A Lesson in Entrepreneurship

By McKenzie Schwark
Features Writer

Like most little girls, Megan Lewis’s daughters wanted to go to Target to pick out a new toy before school started this fall. Megan, small business owner and founder of Milk Made, took the opportunity to teach her girls a life lesson about hard work and entrepreneurship.

Megan, along with her Little Ladybosses Lydia JoLynn (6) and Clara Mae (3), came up with the idea of making handmade bookmarks. The mother-daughter team, or co-creators as Megan calls them, got to work by heading out to the garden at the lake and gathering flowers. They took the harvested flowers, dried them, and made beautiful epoxy art out of them.

“With this bookmark adventure with my girls, I hope to instill the same ideas I learned as a kid: hard work, embracing creativity, and pride in the product you are creating.  They want to go to Target, and I want to teach them some life lessons, all while spending quality time together. I love that they are using their creativity and enjoy making something together,” said Megan.

“I was blessed to grow up surrounded by creative people who were able to make an income doing things with their hands. When I was in elementary school, I remember making these school-colored scrunchies. A few girls asked if I could make them one too! I remember asking my mom, and she said sure, but she insisted I would make them myself and she would help me learn how to budget and handle the money. I sold enough scrunchies to buy a DVD player, and I still cherish those lessons as a small business owner today.”

Having recently lost her mom after a nine-year battle with cancer, this project with her daughters served as a type of therapy for Megan.

“Gardening was so hard for me this year. I must admit I let it go – it reminded me too much of my mom. No canning, not much of a harvest. I gave myself so much grace. She loved her flowers and plants. She helped me handpick each and every perennial, so every bloom brought back a bittersweet memory. But today I picked the blooms to dry them, knowing I would preserve a bit of this summer beauty and help my daughters create something that would make others smile. Jodi would love that.”

In just one week, the threesome had a new business name – Jo & Mae Dried Floral Wares – and sold over 100 handcrafted bookmarks via Megan’s Facebook page. With the popularity of the bookmarks, the girls were approached by Rourke Art Museum in Moorhead, Minn., to sell their bookmarks.

Aside from being able to purchase her own toys with her money she made from her new business adventure, Lydia’s favorite part of their lesson on entrepreneurship is the fact that she gets to spend more time with her family. Clara’s favorite part? Picking out the piece of candy that goes into each carefully created package.

NOTE: If you would like to support Little Ladybosses Lydia and Clara, email to purchase your handmade bookmark.