Personal Systems Disruption Weekend Retreat with Dayna Del Val

Date : January 1, 2021
Time : Friday-Sunday
Location :


Take a weekend to disrupt your rhythm and pursue your dreams!

Extraordinary and Ladyboss Midwest are hosting a Personal Systems Disruption Retreat, and you are invited!

You know you’re ready to take the next step toward achieving whatever you have dreamed about but haven’t yet pursued, and this is the opportunity to get going.

We will cover such areas as:

• Articulating your dream (it can be long-held or brand new, professional or personal, large or small)

• Uncovering your fears around pursuing your dream

• Developing a framework around achieving your dream

• Determining the first step to take to pursue your dream


In addition, you will:

• Participate in meditation

• Share and provide feedback with each other

• Have time to reflect in writing after every “lesson”

• Develop a new, supportive network of people invested in helping you pursue and achieve our dreams!


PLUS, you’ll receive an extraordinary pre-retreat weekend welcome package to put you on the pathway to pursuing your dreams!


Tentative schedule:

7-9pm Friday: Welcome and Lesson I


8-10am Saturday: Lesson II

11am-1pm Saturday: Lesson III

7-9pm Saturday: Lesson IV


8-10am Sunday: Lesson V

11am-1pm Sunday: Lesson VI and send off