Ladyboss Book Club: Unladylike Positions

Date : September 7, 2021
Time : 6-7:30 PM
Location :

Jasper Hotel

Fargo, North Dakota

As a wise philosopher once asked, “Who run the world? Girls.”  Beyonce told us that we’re strong enough to bear children and then get back to business. Women have been doing “unladylike” jobs since as long as there’s been a job needing to be done.  

This month’s book picks include:

  1. Ghosts of Eden Park by Karen Abbott
  2. The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See
  3. Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson
  4. American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson
  5. No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference by Greta Thunberg

How Ladyboss Book Club Works: Read as many of these books as you want, we will discuss themes more than plots! Our virtual meetings are free, but please register beforehand.  In honor of being our unofficial host, Zandbroz will offer 15% off of the Ladyboss picks!