Concordia College Symposium: The Future of Work is Entrepreneurial

Date : September 22, 2021
Time : 1:30 PM
Location :

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Concordia College 2021 Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium: Work in the Job Revolution

“The Future of Work is Entrepreneurial” Panel

The world has changed in ways that now requires everyone to think and act like an entrepreneur. An entrepreneurial mindset shifts our perspective in a way that exposes opportunities, ignites ambition, and fosters innovation. And, in today’s rapidly changing world, an entrepreneurial mindset is essential for individuals to adapt and thrive whether they work in an established organization, start something new, or work in the gig economy. A moderated discussion with some of Concordia’s most entrepreneurial graduates will include: understanding the new world of work and the need to be entrepreneurial no matter one’s chosen path; embracing entrepreneurship as a mindset that can empower all to be opportunity finders, problem solvers, and value creators; and learning how Concordia graduates create value by being entrepreneurial in the work they do.

Bree Langemo, JD, director, Entrepreneurship Center; assistant professor, Law and Entrepreneurship
Heather McDougall ’06, CEO and co-founder of Bogobrush
Kara Lee ’20, founder of Kara Lee Creative Co.
Laura Caroon ’06, president and co-founder of Ladyboss Midwest