Don’t Be Afraid to Set Big Goals for 2021

By Laura Caroon
President + Co-Founder

Happy New Year! ✨

Time for setting goals, making resolutions or intentions, right?!

“Resolutions” have always felt heavy to me. Punitive, almost. So a couple years ago I decided to set intentions. They felt lighter and more positive. And I tend to set intentions for the year that are attainable and things that are just for me… things I know I’d like to do for myself. 

Like, for example, in 2018 my intentions were to drink more water and to do more art. Because both of those things make me feel good. So, I started by drinking water out of fancy glasses because it made it feel more special and fun. And then I signed up for a bunch of craft and art classes, because it’s not real if it’s not on the calendar. (I also ended up buying a ton of art supplies… you know how that goes.)

But I did more art and drank more water and it felt light and good.

In 2019 I just went with a word for the year: Hygge. And boy did that winter give me lots of opportunity for hygge. (So. Much. Snow.)

But goal setting, for me, is a different ball game. Truth be told, goal setting can feel a little overwhelming and bring a wide spectrum of feelings. From excitement, ambition, optimism and  confidence to anxiety, shame, fear, comparison and that horrible imposter complex.

It’s no wonder most people don’t write down their goals.

But we’re not most people. We’re badasses ready to show some goals who’s boss. 🤩

And since we’re on the cusp of this shiny new year, let’s take this opportunity to look back at the last decade. Because we did some really amazing things, and they deserve to be recognized and celebrated. (Yes, even in 2020!)

Where We’ve Been

I’d like to share with you a super helpful process I learned from Marie Forleo that has helped me get clear on my own goals.

So, grab a journal or a notebook and write “Decade in Review: 2010-2020” on the top of a page. Under that, write, “What I’m proud of.”  Or you could write “Ways I was a badass” or “Amazing shit I accomplished.” Whatever resonates with you.

Then write it ALL down. What have you overcome? What results have you created? What are you super proud of? Have you made major changes in your finances, your health, your relationships, your living circumstances, your job?

Feel free to look through your calendar or your photos on your phone or social accounts if you need help jogging your memory.

Seriously, write it all down. Don’t edit or censor. This is just for you. Write everything that comes to mind even if it feels petty or stupid or conceited. (Because if it lights you up and makes you feel good, it’s not petty or stupid or conceited.)

Once you’ve made your list, go back and star the ones that feel the most important. Which ones have made the biggest impact on you. 

Soak in all those amazing things you achieved in the last decade. Look at you go!

Hopefully you’re feeling pretty great about yourself now. Because it was no small feat to make all those things happen and YOU DID IT.

Now that we’re feeling confident and recognizing how badass we are and all the goals we crushed in the last decade, we’re ready to set some new goals.

Where We’re Going

Make a new header in your journal: “In 2021 I want to…

And then we’re going to do another brain dump. Write down EVERYTHING you want to accomplish in 2021. Or even in the next 3-5 years.

How are you going to grow? Think about what you’re going to do for yourself. For your health, your confidence, your well-being, your emotions, your creativity.

Are there ways you want to improve your relationships? Or your finances? What do you want to achieve in your career or professional life? Write down your goals big and small. Are you going to serve your community in a new way, or contribute to a cause you believe in? Run for office?

What are you going to do that lights you up in the new year? Visiting new places when we can safely travel again? Learning new skills? Reading more? Actually drinking water?

Write it all down.

Got your list? Now we are going to go back and prune a bit. Ambitious people tend to take on way too much and then get overwhelmed and then feel like crap. I’ve been there.

But we’re not going to set ourselves up for what feels like failure. We’re going to look back at our decade in review and pay attention to the items that we starred. What was most important in the last decade will help us narrow our priorities going forward.

So look at your list for 2021. Those are some awesome goals. But now it’s time to decide which ones are going to be the most important for us to accomplish. And maybe set some aside for now.

As you’re going through your list, ask yourself what the payoff or impact would be for making that goal happen. How will it impact you, and how might it impact others? And who do you have to become to make that a reality?

If the impact is not worth who you have to become or if it feels heavy or you’re just not realistically ready for that kind of commitment, move on.

But if the impact feels really worth it and you feel committed to making it happen, put a star next to it. 

(It feels a little like the KonMari method. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s not for you!)

Get It On the Calendar

When you feel good about the items you’ve starred, it’s time to put those babies on your calendar. Like for real! Get those goals scheduled! And then talk about your goals with people you trust and care about. Speak those goals into existence and watch the Universe conspire to help you make them happen.

And when that imposter complex is rearing its ugly head, whip out that list of amazing shit you accomplished in the last 10 years to remind yourself that you can absolutely crush your goals.

You’ve got this! You have already made it through the weirdest year in history, and better things are on the horizon for you.

Go get it, Ladyboss!