5 Steps for Surviving the Holidays

By Sara Mozingo
Founder of Icehouse Fit 

Welcome to your very merry COVID survival guide. We know you are a strong Ladyboss who is trying to conquer it all: work, homeschooling, laundry and holidays in a pandemic. This is all uncharted territory and can be completely overwhelming. But don’t worry, we got you.

Here are our five steps to crushing it this holiday season:

Step One

Breathe. No really, try it. I know it’s as cliche as it sounds, and that’s because it’s really helpful. Sit back in your chair. Put your hand on your belly, and take five slow deep breaths. I want you to count as you inhale for eight seconds and as you exhale for eight seconds. Go ahead and do this now, I’ll wait.  

The cool thing about counting while you breathe is you typically can’t think about anything else but counting. The five breaths will bring you back to the present moment and out of the deep spiral of your overloaded holiday to-do list. 

Step Two

At Icehouse we like to use the acronym W.I.N. which stands for What’s Important Now. So now that we are in the present moment, what’s your W.I.N.?  What is something you can do right now that is going to make the rest of the day better? Write that down. Again, I’ll be here when you finish. Now that you have that jotted down keep reading and we’ll make sure you’re set to crush this Holiday. 

Step Three

Take a drink of water. Usually when we are crazy busy we forget to hydrate with plain water. (Especially when it’s cold and and a warm cup of caffeinated goodness sounds way better.) Drinking water and being hydrated can help you stay focused on the task at hand, curb that mid-day drought, and give you more energy than reaching for a second double-frap-triple-espresso sugar bomb. 

Step Four

Stand up and stretch with your arms over your head. As a Ladyboss, you are crushing your day with a laptop at your kitchen counter, in your (new to you) home office or bouncing from appointment to appointment. We rarely reach up anymore and can end up feeling hunched over with a neck cramp and lower back pain. Take a moment to reach straight up, lean side to side and take another deep breath. Ahh, I bet that feels awesome. Doesn’t it? Set an alarm on your phone and give this a try every half hour to an hour. 

Step Five

This one is the most important! It’s a wild time and it’s sometimes really hard for our super-driven brains to ask for help when we really need to.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. You know you love to help your friends when they need you, so don’t be afraid to ask the people around you. This can be as simple as asking a friend, or maybe it’s time to step it up a notch and hire a coach. A coach can help you navigate your fitness, nutrition, mindset or career goals. Having that level of support and accountability can be a game changer.

This holiday season is very different from years’ past. Try these five steps and make sure to give yourself some grace!