Cheers To The Ladybosses We Met In 2021

We’ve partnered with some pretty amazing women in 2021. Some started their own businesses, while others took on staggering personal growth challenges. Their stories empower us, inspire us, and connect us. Cheers to a fantastic year, and enjoy a recap of some of our most-read stories of 2021.


Ellie Maher

Starting out as a tattoo studio receptionist, Ellie Maher worked her way to the top – now operating her own studio, Tailwind Tattoo. With over 20 years of tattoo experience, Maher’s hard work landed her a spot on North Dakota’s 40 under 40.


Jenna Leadbetter

Serving as an educator for over 10 years, Jenna Leadbetter has always sought out to create an atmosphere of continuous academic improvement. At 31, she became a district superintendent – ditching her law school plans and following her passion for leadership.


Kelci Boniface

After 12 years of owning The Black Frame Boutique, Kelci Boniface knows what it means to be a ladyboss. Starting with hair services in 2009, Kelci’s dedication to helping others has brought her to where she is today – a mother, wife, and a CEO of her own life.


Kayla Goebel

Graphic designer by day, gym owner by night – Kayla Goebel truly does it all. By opening Strong Roots in 2019, Goebel has been dedicated to bringing confidence, empowerment, strength, and wellness to the Fargo community.


Maartje van Bedaf

Not many people can say they’ve been a dairy farmer in three different countries. Maartje van Bedaf can, however: raised in the Netherlands, with a quick move to Canada and then North Dakota. Churning cream into gelato, handling the marketing of her family’s businesses, and being recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Food & Drink – there’s no doubt that Maartje is a boss!


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