Kate Mortenson has worked in news, and migrated her career to social impact and entrepreneurship. She talks about challenges she has faced raising capital being a female fonder whose business is social-justice oriented. Mortenson wanted to go back to her journalism roots and use the power of human stories to shape a better culture, which is why she started iPondr.

Shannon Full is all about community. In this interview with Ladyboss, she expands on her work with local chambers, the importance of communication and strong relationships, and what makes a strong leader or mentor.

After seeing a gap in women’s health care, Jill Angelo started Gennev — an e-commerce-turned-educational women’s wellness platform that starts the conversation for many women about menopause and post-reproductive care. She discusses her fundraising challenges and how exec-level women can support their employees.

Hope Sisk’s passion for writing led her to journalism. Now, as a news director and anchor for KFYRTV in Bismarck, she connects with people for a living — and loves it. Our interview with this Ladyboss touches on work-life balance, having a public persona, and the importance of mentorship and supporting others.

Meet Becky Parker, anchor and producer at WDAY. She joins Ladyboss to speak on how she got into broadcasting and the challenges of her career.

Tiffany Biehl, programming coordinator at WDAY, joins us to talk about discovering her passion, what keeps her going, and work-life balance.

You may know Taylor Budge from her sports coverage at WDAY. She talks with Ladyboss about playing by the boys’ rules, the importance of having your dreams supported, and the pressure of being a woman on air.

Brianne Osowski is creating a new way to get customized recommendations on brands and products. She talks with Ladyboss about getting to know your customer, running a tech company, and why women need more champions.

Ladyboss Midwest visited with Kelly Sayre, founder and president of The Diamond Arrow Group and author of “Sharp Women.” Kelly shares her journey as an entrepreneur and discusses her passion for empowering women to feel safe in everyday life.

Start small. Ashton Hauff’s life has been inspired by that mantra, whether she knew it at the time or not. Now, she’s the co-founder of a successful and growing brand studio in Bismarck called The Good Kids. She chatted with Ladyboss Midwest about how she started small, what makes her business successful, where she finds her inspiration, and what keeps her grounded.