Andrea Jang is the owner of Duluth Mom, and believes women are much more than one single piece of their identity. She talks with Ladyboss about imposter syndrome, the freedom to change your mind, and why women need supportive communities.

Nicci Brelje used to hate the media. Now she’s one of them as the host of Mixtape Talks which showcases positive news and stories of recovery. She talks with Ladyboss about embracing the nitty gritty, taking care of yourself, and going back to college in her 30’s.

Coiya Tompkins wants to make the world a safer, more accepting place. She’s the President and CEO of Community Violence Intervention Center and is passionate about community focused violence prevention. She told us why she does the work that she does, and what she wishes more people understood about it.

Rachael Schauer used to be all about the go-go-go of life. The owner of True Earth Yoga talks with Ladyboss about breath work, failing fast, and burnout.

Kelci Boniface took The Black Frame Boutique from side hustle in her basement to her full time job. She knows how hard it is to be a Ladyboss, which is why she thinks you deserve a cold beverage, a good phone scroll session, and a comfortable pair of shoes.

Jaclynn Maah took plant care from childhood chore to full time job. She talks with Ladyboss about her favorite starter plant, the best and worst parts of owning her own business, and why a dying plant can be a positive thing.

Jebeh Edmunds wears many hats: entrepreneur, CEO, teacher, mother, and more. She talks with Ladyboss about why she’s a Google skeptic, why women need to learn to say no more often, and gives a look into what she’ll be discussing at Ladyboss Summit!

Indira’s journey as a small business owner began with a Craigslist ad. Now she owns PrimRose Boutique and Allora Salon & Suites along with her husband. The last year has been tough on small business owners, but Indira has learned to embrace the hardships.

Mari Doffin makes all of her clay jewelry by hand. She told us about how she started her jewelry making career and why she thinks women need to stop being compared to men.

Laura Sieger is the Chief Marketing Officer for Maurices who begins everyday with coffee and meditation. Her personal mantra is to just do one thing, which is how she keeps it all so balanced.