Michelle Kommer didn’t have a mapped-out career plan, which led her down some interesting twists and turns. She talks with Ladyboss about saying “yes,” why she resents the word balance, and the study of female relationships she’ll be presenting at FLOW.

Jessieca Bledsoe, owner of Indigo Bloom Yoga and Wellness, talks with Ladyboss Midwest about falling in love with yoga and taking the leap to turn her passion into a career.

Over the last seven years, Char Gust has taken Style with Char from a side hustle blog to a fully fledged business. Now she wants to make getting dressed in the morning more effortless and effective, because you’ve got other things to worry about.

Annie Hough went to grad school to study horticulture and came out a playwright. She talks with Ladyboss about taking an unconventional route, why sometimes a good cry is the best way to handle rejection, and the importance of representation through visibility.

Kayley Erlandson, owner of Two Bluebirds, talks with Ladyboss Midwest about her journey following her passions and starting a business in the middle of a pandemic.

We’ve partnered with some pretty amazing women in 2021. Some started their own businesses, while others took on staggering personal growth challenges. Their stories empower us, inspire us, and connect us. Cheers to a fantastic year, and enjoy a recap of some of our most-read stories of 2021.

They say when you want something done right do it yourself, which is exactly what Chelsey Steinlicht did when she went looking for quality daycare for her daughters. Now Chelsey owns Bright Futures Learning Center, a wildly successful child care center in south Fargo that has expanded well beyond Chelsey’s initial dreams. She talks with Ladyboss about work-life integration, COVID’s impact on daycare, and the term ‘mom-preneur.’

Christen Carter is the owner of Busy Beaver Button Co. Carter talks with Ladyboss about the resilience of buttons in an ever-changing world, the parallels between feminist theory and pinback buttons, and the importance of community building.

With a middle name like Joy and roots in Niceville, Florida, Kelsey Buell’s sunny demeanor doesn’t come as a surprise. She’s using what she has learned about following your passions with the Burnout Prevention Project. She talks with Ladyboss about “playing second fiddle,” the shame of burnout, and a new concept for work-life balance.

Beth Elliott, better known as the Hippie Banker, has taken quite the nontraditional approach to financial health. She tells us about the connection between spiritual and financial health, learning to trust her intuition, and connecting her passion with her experience.