Bailey Aro wants to give you permission to pursue your dreams. She certainly knows a thing or two about doing so, as an entrepreneur keeping several small businesses afloat during a pandemic.

Cara Øverland loves Lake Superior so much that she started a business to help others enjoy it too. She talks with Ladyboss about changing directions, starting a business in quarantine, and the healing power of female friendship.

Anna Evans began her career cutting friends’ hair in high school. Now she owns the first gender-neutral salon in Lincoln, Nebraska. She believes a cut and color is wearable art, and that everyone deserves to get their hair done in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Sarah West learned early on to embrace her gifts. She started Light Consulting and Coaching to share those gifts and her vast experience with others, while lightening their load and tapping into their own potential.

Maddie Schultz started her career by creating a budget for snacks. Since her middle-school snack trading days, she’s learned to channel her skills and passion into helping others balance their books.  She’s a detail-oriented entrepreneur who reads accounting books for fun, and there’s no problem she can’t solve with a spreadsheet.

It’s difficult to define Mariah Prussia, a woman who does a little of everything and who’s experienced it all. She’s had to fight her way through a lot of hardship. But she’s not a victim, she’s a “warrior of life,” and she’s fighting to help you become one too.

Ellie Maher worked her way from being a receptionist at a tattoo studio to owning her own shop. Her hard work landed her a spot on North Dakota’s 40 under 40, but it’s getting to know her clients that really makes all of the hard work worth it.

Grace Anderson and Bri Sharkey-Smith are the hosts of Renegade Feminist, a podcast that aims to provide coverage of Minnesota’s political scene from a feminist angle. They use their platform to shine a light on women and non-binary candidates, elected officials, organizers and activists, and to make politics more accessible to regular people. In this interview, you’ll learn why they believe more women need to run for office, and how rage can be harnessed to create positive change.

Kayla Goebel fell in love with Crossfit right away, but she felt like there were people who were being left out of the community. So, she built one herself. Now she owns Strong Roots, a small gym with a big mission.

Black women innovators are often overlooked or overshadowed, but they’ve invented all kinds of things that we use in our day to day lives, and have vastly improved our world. Here are just a few of the incredible inventions Black women have given us.