Feeling uncertain about the future? Us too. Here are some ways you can cope.

This year’s Summit theme is: Flourish. So, what does it mean to flourish and how can Summit help you get there?

Perhaps now more than ever, many of us are experiencing burnout… or are on our way there. But once you’ve recognized where your burnout is coming from, you can begin to address it.

As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear this last year has had a major effect on our wellbeing. And it’s hitting women the hardest. Mental health crises look different for everyone, but there are some signs you might need to seek out help.


If it seems like everyone you know has sprouted a green thumb over the last few years, it isn’t just you. Houseplants are majorly on the grow, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

As the country begins to get back to some sense of normalcy, baseball season is in full swing. Major League Baseball begins April 1st as it does every year, but this year women are changing the game.

Women, especially women of color, were hit hard in the last year, and have seen record job loss and increasing mental health struggles. These executive orders will hopefully help alleviate some of the burden caused by the ongoing pandemic, and continue to help build a more equal world.

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Social distancing is one of the key practices we’ve been told will keep us safe from contracting the coronavirus. Nearly overnight, the ways in which we interact with each other completely changed. Happy hours, trivia nights, and birthday parties were taken to Zoom, and we’ve mostly had to gather with our communities online. Because of that, even some of our strongest relationships have been tested, and acquaintances and casual friendships have nearly disappeared. 

Now that you’re used to wearing a mask, it’s time to double your efforts. Experts recommend double masking if you’re headed to the grocery store, or somewhere where you will be indoors with people outside of your household.