Physical and mental health in the workplace have been major topics the last few years, and they are important things for managers to address. But evidence suggests that traditional workplace wellness programs may not be the way to go.

Women have specific health care needs that aren’t always addressed in the average health care or benefits package. Companies have a unique ability to address women’s health care concerns and make health and wellness more accessible and attainable for female employees.

The effects of the pandemic are far from over — a recent study found that nearly 42% of employees reported a decline in mental health in the last few years. Employers have the power to support employee mental and emotional health.


We all know the basics when it comes to our physical health: eat right, exercise, get routine screenings. But over the last few years, conversations about health have begun to include other kinds of health. Emotional and mental health have become major talking points and can hugely contribute to a person’s physical and overall well-being.

2022 has provided us the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime: Find the new normal. And better yet, design your life — both personal and professional — around your priorities and passions. Find five trends we’re seeing businesses embrace for employee betterment.

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We have all been told at one point or another to just “be confident.” But how? Everyone seems to have their own tips and tricks to gaining more self-confidence, but there is quite a lot to learn from science when it comes to gaining self-confidence.

A shocking 1 in 10 women have endometriosis, yet so many are misdiagnosed, not diagnosed at all, or spend an average of eight years searching for a proper diagnosis.

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