Not long after a video of her impassioned speech at a Minot City Council meeting went viral, councilwoman Carrie Evans joins us to talk about the importance of local government, being a “professional gay,” and that viral rainbow flag incident.

Crystal Cossette Knight was shaken by the death of George Floyd earlier this summer. She saw a need to raise awareness about racial injustice, so she baked up Justice Pies.

Women are the supermajority of this country, and their voices deserve to be heard. T’alyce Murray of Supermajority joins us to talk about the power of women’s votes. [VIDEO]

Big change starts small, and there is nowhere that it is more obvious than in local government. The fight for major social policy changes like women’s suffrage, marriage equality, and reproductive healthcare access began at the state or local level. Even though the presidential race tends to monopolize the spotlight during election season, local elections have a major and immediate impact on our everyday lives, and are often the breeding ground for future federal policy change.

Despite comprising over half of the population of the United States, less than 1 in 4 elected officials across the country are women. 

Why in 2020, aren’t women equally represented in elected office?

By now you’ve heard all about how important it is to get out and vote in this upcoming November’s election. But just how does one go about getting out to vote? Here’s everything you need to know about getting registered and getting to your polling place this November.

The general election is coming up, and the nation is facing a possible severe poll worker shortage due to the pandemic. Poll workers are essential to a fair and free election, and ensure the right for everyone to vote. Becoming a poll worker is a great way to get involved and save our democracy!

Kayla Houchin is best known in the F-M as the woman behind Indulgence Baking Co. But when Kayla isn’t whipping up delectable cakes and mesmerizing macarons, she’s devoting her time to charity: water, a non-profit working to end the clean water crisis around the globe.

Meet the woman behind the Fargo #BlackLivesMatter peaceful protest: Angelina Sam Teewon!

So, what is a feminist? A person of any gender who supports, advocates, and perpetuates equality for all genders, who does not place one gender on a pedestal against others, and who, by their words and deeds, seeks to elevate the humanity of all.