We’ve partnered with some pretty amazing women in 2021. Some started their own businesses, while others took on staggering personal growth challenges. Their stories empower us, inspire us, and connect us. Cheers to a fantastic year, and enjoy a recap of some of our most-read stories of 2021.

If you’ve never been on a retreat, I highly encourage you to make plans to attend one. There’s something magical and transformational about being in a new setting away from distractions of daily life, clearing your mind and creating really meaningful connections. If you need some convincing, here are reasons why I recommend retreats.

They say when you want something done right do it yourself, which is exactly what Chelsey Steinlicht did when she went looking for quality daycare for her daughters. Now Chelsey owns Bright Futures Learning Center, a wildly successful child care center in south Fargo that has expanded well beyond Chelsey’s initial dreams. She talks with Ladyboss about work-life integration, COVID’s impact on daycare, and the term ‘mom-preneur.’

2021 was likely a whirlwind of a year for you. Some really exciting things happened, like the first woman of color taking her place as vice president in the White House, and there were some curveballs thrown, like the delta variant. There were undoubtedly some high highs and some low lows for you too.

Hey Ladybosses – it’s shopping season. You know the drill. But you are a busy Ladyboss, and we know you already have a lot on your plate, so we’ve put together a gift guide to help you shop for all the amazing ladies in your life, no matter their interest.

Everyone has that one friend who’s an incredible gift giver. This time of year, the pressure is really on, and sometimes you just don’t have the funds or the energy to live up to your best gift-giving friend. Between celebratory meals, holiday parties, decorations and gifts, this time of year can really add up. Here are some tips for being a great gift giver even on a tight budget!

One invitation could change your life.

Kelsey Buell, founder of The Burnout Prevention Project, shares a story about the power of invitation and how we are built to do hard things together, not alone.

Christen Carter is the owner of Busy Beaver Button Co. Carter talks with Ladyboss about the resilience of buttons in an ever-changing world, the parallels between feminist theory and pinback buttons, and the importance of community building.

We all know Mondays are the worst, but what makes Sundays so… scary? We have some tips and tricks to use your Sundays better and set yourself up for a successful week.

With a middle name like Joy and roots in Niceville, Florida, Kelsey Buell’s sunny demeanor doesn’t come as a surprise. She’s using what she has learned about following your passions with the Burnout Prevention Project. She talks with Ladyboss about “playing second fiddle,” the shame of burnout, and a new concept for work-life balance.