FLOW: The Ladyboss Retreat was born out of a desire to give working women a chance to step away from their busy lives and address those challenges head-on. We’ve curated a lineup of expert speakers, inspiring breakout sessions, and impactful workshops that are sure to help you reconnect with your passions and walk away from the weekend ready to take on whatever comes next.

Sarah Skedsvold is trying to set a new example for entrepreneurs. She talks with Ladyboss about her experience in the army, the practice of forest bathing, and why it’s so important to lead by example.

We want you to focus your energy and attention on the good stuff, not stressing about whether you brought enough socks. Here is a basic guide for what to pack for your weekend at the FLOW retreat!

Michelle Kommer didn’t have a mapped-out career plan, which led her down some interesting twists and turns. She talks with Ladyboss about saying “yes,” why she resents the word balance, and the study of female relationships she’ll be presenting at FLOW.

Jessieca Bledsoe, owner of Indigo Bloom Yoga and Wellness, talks with Ladyboss Midwest about falling in love with yoga and taking the leap to turn her passion into a career.

Over the last year at Ladyboss Midwest, we’ve talked a lot with our community about the unique needs of working women. FLOW: The Ladyboss Retreat is an opportunity for women to invest in themselves, their careers, and their abilities. The retreat is all about bringing the professional and personal together, because taking care of yourself personally allows you to perform at your highest potential professionally. Read on for the top five reasons your company should send you to FLOW: The Ladyboss Retreat.

Over the last seven years, Char Gust has taken Style with Char from a side hustle blog to a fully fledged business. Now she wants to make getting dressed in the morning more effortless and effective, because you’ve got other things to worry about.

It’s that time of year. We feel motivated to finally make that change or start that thing we’ve been putting off. Willpower is high now, generating increased confidence and motivation. We are excited to start something new and anxious to fix what isn’t working. Then, sometimes, we feel disappointed in ourselves when we revert to old ways. Sound familiar? Read on for 5 steps for a more intentional 2022.

Annie Hough went to grad school to study horticulture and came out a playwright. She talks with Ladyboss about taking an unconventional route, why sometimes a good cry is the best way to handle rejection, and the importance of representation through visibility.

Kayley Erlandson, owner of Two Bluebirds, talks with Ladyboss Midwest about her journey following her passions and starting a business in the middle of a pandemic.