Chicago-based designer, Sadie Teper, began her design career with a challenge: make 20 designs a month. Now she’s found her style, and has a whole new challenge for herself in 2021.

Now that you’re used to wearing a mask, it’s time to double your efforts. Experts recommend double masking if you’re headed to the grocery store, or somewhere where you will be indoors with people outside of your household.

Most of us have become all too familiar with stress and anxiety over the last year. Ladyboss Saree Reveling knows a thing or two about high stress environments, and what we can all be doing better to combat those negative feelings.

One of the best things about the human race is just how different we all are from each other. But it’s no secret that this world is just not built to meet the needs of people with disabilities, and it can be difficult to navigate a world that isn’t designed with you in mind. 

However, there are simple ways we can all work to make the world a more accepting and accommodating place that works for everyone, regardless of ability.

If you’re feeling anxious when it comes to money it’s time to get intentional and take control.  Don’t overcomplicate it; make it simple, and focus on small wins! Try these simple steps to finding financial freedom in 2021.

Language is a really powerful tool, especially when it comes to building a more equitable and inclusive world. Being more mindful of how we address our friends and neighbors shows that we care about them, and want them to be included.

You have already made it through the weirdest year in history, and better things are on the horizon for you. Don’t be afraid to set some big goals for 2021 and beyond. Use these prompts to get clear on what you want and where you’re going. Go get it, Ladyboss!

Maartje van Bedaf does it all: She churns cream into gelato, chats with customers, and handles the marketing for the family businesses Cows and Co Creamery and Duchessa Gelato. Maartje shares the importance of a strong support system, and how women are the backbone of the dairy farm. 

Dr. Wasifa Ahmad Hasan certainly did not take the usual road to becoming a beauty influencer (if there even is such a thing?) In this post, she shares about her switch from dentistry to blogging, the importance of being patient with people living with chronic illness, and why women should team up in 2021.

Brittany Anton made quite the wardrobe change when she went from selling bridal gowns to t-shirts. Now she works with an entirely different clientele, but they haven’t stopped inspiring her, and even though she’s the boss, she’s still just a part of the team.