Anne LaFrinier-Richie is the regional navigator at Some Place Safe, a nonprofit crime victim agency in west-central Minnesota. She provides training and technical assistance in understanding and responding to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Anne talks with us about her background, story, and the purpose of her work.

In the season of autumn and Thanksgiving, many people begin to reflect on gratitude and the blessings in their lives. It is well understood that showing appreciation and kindness to others will help us lead happier and more fulfilled lives and cultivate deeper relationships with people around us. But why is showing gratitude so important for leadership?

Negotiating a salary, or asking for a raise, is tough on its own. But for women, doing so requires overcoming unique challenges. The pay gap is very real, and even moreso for women of color, and many women don’t have the tools to navigate these sensitive and difficult conversations in the workplace. Here is our advice when it comes to asking for what you’re worth!

Grace Heinen is only 20 years old and owns her own small business. She talks with us about turning her hobby into an Etsy shop, and why knots have become her favorite form of art and self-care.

Michael Kithcart has been all around the world, and what she’s learned is that you have to know yourself and you have to tend to yourself. There is no one right path to greatness, and Michael helps her clients define success for themselves, and then forge a path toward it. She uses her experiences and previous leadership roles to coach others on figuring out how to “win your way.”

This last year, the lines between work and life have blurred even more than they already had. But even if you love your work, even if you have your dream job, it’s important to set boundaries and distinguish your personal and professional lives from each other. Setting boundaries at work can be really tough! It can be hard to stand up for yourself or advocate for your needs in a work setting. Here are our tips on how to set clear boundaries at work so that you can stave off burnout, continue enjoying your job, and thrive personally and professionally.

Katie Anderson has a passion for helping families as they grow and providing education on how choices made today can impact life later on. She talks with Ladyboss about tips on managing insurance, community connection, and self-care.

Over the last year I’ve spent an … unexpected … amount of time at my home office, which is really a desk I shoved into my kitchen. A few weeks ago I realized it had become more of a junk drawer than a desk, with a graveyard of half-empty coffee mugs in the corner, a pile of accumulating sweaters on my chair, and a rotating collection of dog toys. It was affecting my work, and so I figured it was time to get organized.

Kerry Bamsey has had a busy year. She’s gotten her own business off the ground and is now helping other women do the same. On top of her 9-5 in corporate HR, Kerry started Junkin Market Days, an indoor market that is filled with repurposed, rustic, shabby chic, farmhouse, vintage and one-of-a-kind finds.

If you’re hiring a business attorney for the first time, it can be hard to know where to start. Lawyers aren’t cheap, and they can be a major investment for your business. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re hiring the right person for you.