With a last name like hers, Jenna Leadbetter was destined for leadership. At just 31, she became the District Superintendent and now educators twenty years her senior look to her for inspiration and direction. She talks with us about being the youngest person in the room, ditching law school, and why she carries around a list of people who inspire her.

Two days before having to shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions, Sara Mozingo bought out her business partner. It was inconvenient timing, but Sara is first and foremost a coach who looks out for her team. She spoke with us about keeping her fitness center afloat during COVID, how to stay healthy amidst a global pandemic, and the importance of finding a really good coach, or two, or three.

Bookstore manager and newspaper columnist Josie Danz shares about the heightened importance of shopping local, her absolute must-read book right now, and the most important meal of the day.

As we move toward the holiday season, COVID cases are up all across the United States with no decline in sight. The holiday season will certainly tempt us all to let our guards down, but keeping our loved ones and communities safe means continuing to stay vigilant. But that doesn’t mean this holiday season can’t be special! Here are our best tips and tricks for shopping this holiday season.

Nikki Berglund has been around the wine and food business her entire life, but had never experienced anything quite like the last several months. In this interview, she shares about being an assertive woman in North Dakota, finding nourishment in unexpected places, and putting people over profit.

Our community relies on small businesses, and your conscious decision to support small businesses during the 2020 holiday season, be it in-person or online, could be the reason those businesses survive another year.

It’s no secret that small, local businesses have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. Many of us have seen our favorite local dive bar or little indie bookstore shutter. Our communities have changed in all kinds of ways, but these are the changes that are hard to swallow. 

We know that the survival of small businesses is incredibly important not only to the individuals they employ, but to our community and overall quality of life. Let’s work together to do what we can with the resources we have to support local businesses through this holiday season.

Anna Bailey owns Bailey Builds, a shop that repurposes reclaimed and new wood into magical, mosaic creations. She’s all about finding beauty in unexpected places, and sat down to talk with us all about family life, following an unexpected passion, and the importance of courage.

The COVID-19 quarantine has completely changed many aspects of work and life, and has really drastically changed the ways in which we gather.

This means events are a totally new ballgame, and even if you’d mastered them before, the pivot to virtual brings up entirely new challenges. We brought together Carrie Brusven, of Gathered.,  Danyel Moe of Ladyboss Midwest & Kilbourne Group, Katie Pipinich of Livewire, and Dawn Koranda of Super Studio to give their tips and tricks for pulling off great events, even in this new, virtual world.

As election day has stretched into election week, it’s been hard to determine who will become the next president of the United States. But one thing is clear: women and progressives have made some major wins in this election. These wins are hugely thanks to the women on the ground doing the work at home in their communities.