Mari Doffin makes all of her clay jewelry by hand. She told us about how she started her jewelry making career and why she thinks women need to stop being compared to men.

Chenyuan just wants to make people feel good about themselves. She spoke with Ladyboss about turning her passion into a career, and why she loves difficult people.

May marks AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Heritage Month. This last year, incidents of violence and discrimination against the AAPI community have increased. Here are some ways you can better educate yourself on the issues the AAPI community is facing, while celebrating and supporting the community far beyond just this month. 

Allison Lunde runs the whole operation at her floral shop Floret & Foliage. She talks with Ladyboss about why she hates getting advice, how the floral industry could be more sustainable, and how even the strangest looking flowers still have their place.

Mariah McKechnie is in the business of making magic. She was able to pivot and keep her wedding and special event business afloat in a year when not many events took place. For McKechnie, 2020 was filled with love, lessons, and tough decisions, and and she is taking all of it with her in the future.

Perhaps now more than ever, many of us are experiencing burnout… or are on our way there. But once you’ve recognized where your burnout is coming from, you can begin to address it.

Shannon Full knows a thing or two about community. She’s been involved in chambers for the last two decades, and sat down with Ladyboss to talk about parenting through the pandemic and what makes a healthy community thrive.

As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear this last year has had a major effect on our wellbeing. And it’s hitting women the hardest. Mental health crises look different for everyone, but there are some signs you might need to seek out help.


If it seems like everyone you know has sprouted a green thumb over the last few years, it isn’t just you. Houseplants are majorly on the grow, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Kayla Cross began her career as a volunteer firefighter. She spoke with Ladyboss about the role firefighting plays in sustainability, and why she loves connecting to the Earth by hitting the ground running.