Christen Carter is the owner of Busy Beaver Button Co. Carter talks with Ladyboss about the resilience of buttons in an ever-changing world, the parallels between feminist theory and pinback buttons, and the importance of community building.

We all know Mondays are the worst, but what makes Sundays so… scary? We have some tips and tricks to use your Sundays better and set yourself up for a successful week.

With a middle name like Joy and roots in Niceville, Florida, Kelsey Buell’s sunny demeanor doesn’t come as a surprise. She’s using what she has learned about following your passions with the Burnout Prevention Project. She talks with Ladyboss about “playing second fiddle,” the shame of burnout, and a new concept for work-life balance.

Beth Elliott, better known as the Hippie Banker, has taken quite the nontraditional approach to financial health. She tells us about the connection between spiritual and financial health, learning to trust her intuition, and connecting her passion with her experience.

With so much going on, and not all of it positive, it can be difficult to feel grateful every day. Here are some tips and tricks for infusing gratitude into your days all year round.

November is Native American Heritage Month, and across the country it is a time to recognize, celebrate, and acknowledge the unique ancestry, traditions, and history of Native communities.

Anne LaFrinier-Richie is the regional navigator at Some Place Safe, a nonprofit crime victim agency in west-central Minnesota. She provides training and technical assistance in understanding and responding to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Anne talks with us about her background, story, and the purpose of her work.

In the season of autumn and Thanksgiving, many people begin to reflect on gratitude and the blessings in their lives. It is well understood that showing appreciation and kindness to others will help us lead happier and more fulfilled lives and cultivate deeper relationships with people around us. But why is showing gratitude so important for leadership?

Negotiating a salary, or asking for a raise, is tough on its own. But for women, doing so requires overcoming unique challenges. The pay gap is very real, and even moreso for women of color, and many women don’t have the tools to navigate these sensitive and difficult conversations in the workplace. Here is our advice when it comes to asking for what you’re worth!

Grace Heinen is only 20 years old and owns her own small business. She talks with us about turning her hobby into an Etsy shop, and why knots have become her favorite form of art and self-care.