Meet #BlackLivesMatter Activist Angelina Sam Teewon

Meet the woman behind the Fargo #BlackLivesMatter peaceful protest: Angelina Sam Teewon!

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Angelina, I am an aspiring law student. I am currently studying political science and sociology to further my education into law school. I enjoy traveling and doing inspirational videos on my facebook (Wisdom Speaks) and Instagram (@_wisdomspeaks) page.

How were you able to organize so well? What was your intent for the protest?

Me, along with the other organizers were triggered by the death of George Floyd. Watching the video touched all of us and it led us in wanting to get our voices heard. We felt that enough was enough being that there are so many cases of black people losing their lives due to police brutalities. This situation of George’s life was it for us! We could not sit back, especially knowing how predominantly white our community is. We wanted to bring an awareness to this and seek for changes from our city leaders. Our intention for the protest was to keep it short and simple to get our point across. But it ended up being more than that!

Would you be able to reflect a bit on the protest?

The protest was awesome! There was over 5000 people that showed up. People from all backgrounds and ages. The community really came together for this movement. I had a lot of people who reached out to me wanting to help and contribute in any way possible. The protest was peaceful as planned, and we had a great time!

How do you hope the Fargo-Moorhead community changes in response to these current events?

I hope that our lawmakers and city leaders will see that our community is growing in diversity and that a lot of the protesters were young people. So that alone says that the young people are seeking for changes in their community. Some changes I will love to see happening are better tactics being used from police officers to detain black and brown people. I’ll love to see more people speaking against injustices and wrongful treatments against black and brown people.

Where can we find you, learn from you, and connect?

I am in the community! You can always follow me on my inspirational page to stay up-to-date on issues that I speak about. Or, you can also befriend me on my social medias.

We’re excited about the peaceful sit-in this Friday at the Fargo City Hall. Can you give us the details?

The peaceful sit-in is set for Friday. We plan to meet at Island park at 1 pm and march down to the city hall and start the peaceful sit-in at 1:30 pm. I am excited about this because it is very crucial that I get my voice heard. There are too many injustices of police brutalities and wrongful treatments against black people that I want to bring forth to the lawmakers. I believe in doing this it will help implement a safer living environment for all citizens!

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