It's the best day of the year.
The Ladyboss Summit
August 5, 2021 • 8:30am-2:00pm
What is a ladyboss?

A Ladyboss is empowered, confident in her abilities and instinct, boldly leading with heart and integrity. A Ladyboss works hard to create a more equitable world where everyone has an equal opportunity for a seat at the table through community building, education, and empowerment.

Are you a Ladyboss, or looking to become one? Join us this August for the Ladyboss Summit to connect with and learn from the growing Ladyboss network. With your virtual summit ticket you’ll gain access to a lineup of incredible speakers, panel discussions, new breakout sessions, digital resources, and an exclusive swag box sent right to your door!


8:30 Welcome
Ladyboss Midwest co-founders Laura Caroon & Danyel Moe

8:40 On the Other Side of Burnout: Renew your Passion and Thrive
Heather McDougall, CEO and Co-founder of Bogobrush

9:10 Hot Topics in Women’s Health Panel
Sanford Health providers

10:10 Workshop: Beyond Charity. Empowering Sustainability through your Business
Heather McDougall, CEO and Co-founder of Bogobrush

10:40 The Intersectional Ladyboss: A Framework for Equity
Erin Maye Quade, Advocacy Director at Gender Justice

11:10 How to be a Culturally Competent Leader
Jebeh Edmunds, Founder and CEO of Jebeh Cultural Consulting

11:40 Workshop: Growing Happier
Jackie Maahs, Owner of The Plant Supply

12:10 All Square: A Response; A Brand; A Solution.
Emily Hunt Turner, Founder and CEO of All Square

12:40 Allyship in Action Panel
Moderated by Kayley Erlandson

1:40 Closing

We'll see you in August, Ladyboss!

The Summit was refreshing and fun. I loved it!

I loved that it felt like I was at a retreat. Everyone was excited to be there and it was so nice to have a break in my usual schedule.

Ladyboss Summit speakers brought broad perspectives, lively conversation and authenticity. Everyone came away with tips, role models, or some actionable item that they could use in their own life whether it was personal or career. The topics addressed the whole Ladyboss person and I loved that!

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